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Meet the Team

Fashionable Women Staff Members of Life at Home Decor Store Smiling

Our team at Life at Home is a group of very talented, hardworking women who are also very gifted in the depths of interior design and home decor. Our goal is to bring joy, happiness, inspiration, reflection, and connection though all our interactions with our customers and community.  

Group of Women Smiling at Life at Home in Castle Rock Colorado
Heidi Mossman Women Entrepreneur & Store Owner of Life at Home

Hi, I'm Heidi

It’s always been in my heart to be an entrepreneur and open my own business. Growing up in a family of entrepreneurs, it has been in my dreams and in my heart since I was a young child.

My Story

I started my business 13 years ago...


"My husband was always in full support of me following my dream, my passion, and doing what made me happy."  

For that reason, “Life at Home” and Capture Life Photography have been created.  The inception of the photography business began with the Soccer Buddies program and lasted for 10 years! Over that time, it transformed into a successful portrait photography business in Colorado Springs. 

Opening another business, especially retail, has huge risk but I know in my heart and with the Lord guiding my steps, I know it’s the right thing to do. After years of hearing my son say, “…mom you should just open up your own store.”, I’m going to take the plunge and do it.

How I Got My Start...

home decor store front Castle Rock Colorado

In 2017, I was introduced to two great ladies Laura Talbot and Debra Stoddard, the owners of Avier. I began by selling landscape photography in their store located in the Chapel Hills Mall and previously by Life Time Fitness. With great coaching, it evolved into another creative outlet; gift and home decor filled with Colorado farmhouse, inspirational products, and much more.

Smelling Fragrances

...that brought my customers back to grandma‘s house, reading a card I created that brought tears to their eyes, and finding gifts that have an emotional tie to a close relationship made me realize that both my photography and retail businesses serve and provide the same purpose…bring joy and a smile. 

Side portrait of young calm woman holding lit candle in hands, closing eyes bringing close

Our Dream Team

Join Our Team

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