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Dry Plants

Uplifting   Inspiring   Inviting

Immerse yourself into a world of imagination, inspiration, and escape. Spoil your senses in this hidden gem and take shop therapy to a new level. Discover one of a kind, sentimental gifts that reflect memories, nourish relationships, and connect family, friends, and community.

Explore your own creativeness and express yourself through the love and appreciation of art and beautiful home decor.

Our cozy little white barn is in the historical downtown section of Castle Rock, the heart of Colorado. 
Store hours and address
“I just love it here! Everything is different than what you'd find anywhere else."


"I've been dying to make it in, and so glad I did. It's such a happy place with a positive vibe...well done!"


“Every time I come in it's different, which means I'll have to come in more often!”
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